AJOVY Consumer Website 🖥

Website Optimization


Teva conducted primary research in Feb 2021 with Ajovy patients and prospects to understand how we could better optimize the digital experience of the AJOVY patient website. © 2021 Teva Pharmaceuticals, USA. https://www.ajovy.com/

  • Associate Designer TBWA\Health Collective
  • Art Direction
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design


  1. Sitemap

  2. Optimizations

    We switched from a horizontal sub-navigation to a vertical one. We also simplified the typography hierarchy, reduced the number of styles, weights, and ensured consistency of color across the site.

  3. Wireframe Update

    We streamlined all type in terms of weight and point size, and applied left alignment throughout. The CTA callouts will remain center-aligned. We’ve also added a consumer-friendly headline to create more consistency from one page to the next.

  4. Screens