BBC Sound Booth 🇬🇧

Data Visualization


The BBC wants to create an experience that connects the physical and digital spaces. The BBC recognizes the issues youth face and wants to help. Introducing the BBC Booths, a platform for the youth to speak up.

  • Strategist Concept project
  • Gathering Data
  • Seeking Content
  • User Research

The problem?

Young people are angry and they want to be taken seriously about issues that matter to them. From Brexit to gender identity, they are fighting to be heard.


  1. Sound Booth

    Red telephone boxes will be replaced with BBC sound booths and placed around various locations in London. People can express their issues inside.


  1. How it works

    Locate a BBC Booth around university campuses across London. The outside of the box welcomes you, and once inside, visitors press a topic on the keypad and then begin talking. These conversations are recorded and then uploaded to The BBC website.

  2. Sound Map

    Data retrieved from the phone booths will be translated into the sound map available on BBC's website.

Design Assets
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