Integrated Campaign


The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) is a small organization with an overwhelmingly important mission: protect children everywhere from sexual abuse, exploitation, and abduction.

  • UX, UI Designer VCU Camp Adventure
  • Wireframing
  • Protoyping
  • Microsite
  • Visual Design

The problem?

Every year, more than a million children are reported missing in just a handful of countries where missing children data are collected and available. It is reasonable to assume that many more millions go missing around the world.


  1. Nickelodeon x ICMEC

    A multi-channel marketing/fundraising campaign that provides resources for those on the frontline of child protection.


  1. Print Campaign

    The objective of the print campaign is to highlight our main message that in the fight against child trafficking and exploitation, kids can be their own heroes. At a tender age, we want to empower kids by letting them know that they can be the leading figures in their own story. Most of these Ads will be placed in areas that receive a lot of traffic from Kids: Airports, Movie Theaters, Malls, and Billboards.

  2. Children Subscription Box

    Children can’t be a hero without a uniform. So let’s provide them with a uniform. The ICMEC Subscription box will provides a unique way for children to take action as heroes and to help missing children find their way back home. As a member of the ICMEC Ambassador Program, each child receives a subscription box full of branded swag such as T-shirts, pins, handwritten notes, and more.

  3. Microsite

    With the NICMEC (Nickelodeon x ICMEC) website integration, we provide more ways for people to get involved through the ambassador program, share stories via social media, and contribute to ICMEC’s overarching goal of raising funds.

  4. Social Media

    To educate kids and their parents about the widespread issue of child trafficking, we portrayed missing cartoon characters. These will be featured on our partner, Nickelodeon’s social media handles. We want to let our audiences know that while there are millions of children missing everyday, we don’t want that to be you.

What I Learned