Cards Against Bad Sex ♣️

Social Media/ Packaging


K-Y will partner with Cards Against Humanity (CAH) with a physical card game collaboration and a takeover of gamified elements on Instagram Stories.

  • Designer Passion Project
  • Content Design
  • Social Media
  • UX, UI Design
  • Visual Design

The problem?

KY is considered a boomer by Gen Z. It needs to capture Gen Z's attention and get them involved in the sexual revolution. This target audience loves to play social games.


  1. KY x Cards Against Humanity

    To tap into this internet savvy generation, KY will partner with CAH, a party game where players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed risqué. We will do so with a physical card game collaboration & a takeover of gamified elements on IG stories.


  1. Social Media Takeover

    We will build anticipation of the K-Y x CAH collaboration by revealing only a handful of K-Y’s game cards on the CAH Instagram page. We’ll share the cards on K-Y’s Instagram Stories, as well.

  2. Gamified Instagram Stories

    Social sites are all about connecting, and people will engage with K-Y on the CAH page. Interactive stories are also available where users can fill out different scenarios and answer poll questions.

  3. The Pleasure Box

    On International Pleasure Day, Cards Against Humanity will release 'Pleasure Box,' a special edition pack that doubles as a unique bedroom game, spicing things up. Playing pieces will include packets of K-Y lube, condoms, and a massager to get imaginations flowing.

  4. KY x Cards Against Humanity Pop-up Shop

    The pop up shops will be a series of rotating stores that feature the Pleasure box. Shopping locations can be found in lingerie stores, wine shops, and bars.

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