#FertilityFact 🤰🏼



#FertilityFact aims to bring awareness of the potential risks of infertility to both women and men through a range of platforms including print, digital, and interactive.

  • Designer Sarika Persaud
  • Illustrator Alexi Cassidy
  • UX
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design

The problem?

The signs and symptoms of infertility goes unnoticed until a couple tries to conceive. Lifestyle risk factors that lead to infertility is often overlooked.


  1. Current App

  2. UI Redesign

    Make tracking your cycle and fertility days so much easier with the Modern Fertility App.

  3. Social Media

    A hashtag campaign #FertilityFact to share the underlying causes of infertility.

  4. Bathroom Takeover

    The most common causes of infertility alerts the public using drawings of vibrant, floral uterus illustrations on toilet doors and bathroom mirrors.

  5. Advertising

  6. Packaging Rebrand

  7. Mailers