Sarika Persaud

Modern Fertility

Intro //

Modern Fertility is a passion project focused on helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of fertility and reproductive health. #FertilityFact aims to bring awareness of the potential risks of infertility to both women and men through a range of platforms including print, digital, and interactive.

The Concept

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This illustrated floral uteruses is a colorful and artistic representation of the female reproductive system. It features a variety of flowers and plants, each symbolizing different aspects of the uterus and its functions. The main flower represents the uterus itself, while smaller flowers represent the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix.

The new logo features a painted swoosh element behind the letter M. The addition of the swoosh, a symbol often associated with movement and progress, further emphasizes Modern Fertility's commitment to helping women make informed decisions about their reproductive futures.

The company's app, "Modern Fertility," has undergone a complete redesign. We've incorporated more warm, feminine colors to make the design more inviting. Screens are decorated with customized illustrated floral uteruses — the campaign's primarily visual.

The packaging will now feature vibrant and colorful illustrations of uteruses adorned with flowers, symbolizing the growth and potential within all women. The new design captures the beauty and strength of the female reproductive system, while also highlighting the importance of fertility health.

The project aims to destigmatize and normalize discussions about fertility. Using pictures of a vivid, flowered uterus in outdoor advertising, the public is informed about the most common causes of infertility. The advertising is placed in locations where it's uncommon to see a large uterus up close and personal.

The Modern Fertility Kit is a new product that comes with a variety of items to support reproductive health, including customized mailers, condoms, birth control, and sanitary pads for menstrual hygiene. This kit is an excellent resource for individuals looking to take control of their reproductive health.