Sarika Persaud

The North Face

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The Women's Hike is a national event organized by The North Face and The Women's March to raise awareness about climate change and promote environmental activism. As a designer, I was responsible for branding and visual design. Recognition: Merit Award.

The Concept

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The new Miss Rushmore monument will feature Thunberg, Earhart, Maathai, and Sacagawea as the faces carved into the mountain, replacing the founding fathers. This change is meant to honor and recognize the contributions of these four powerful women, who have made a significant impact in the fields of environmental activism, aviation, conservation, and indigenous rights.

The promotional banners for this event are designed to be placed in a variety of different environments, including parks, trails, and outdoor recreation areas. The banner features bright, bold colors and eye-catching graphics that are designed to grab the attention of passersby and encourage them to participate in the hike.

Influential Women Hiking Plaques aims to celebrate and honor the stories of inspiring women by placing plaques along hiking trails. These plaques feature the stories and achievements of women who have made significant contributions to their fields, such as science, politics, and social justice.

The social media environmental ambassador program promotes outdoor activities, particularly hiking, to women across a variety of platforms. Through the program, participants are encouraged to share their experiences, photos, and tips with their followers, as well as engage in discussions and provide support to other hikers.

The microsite is a place for women to learn about and register for a hike, purchase merchandise related to the event, and share the news on social media. On the site, you can find all the information you need to get started, including details on the hiking route, what to bring, and how to prepare.

The North Face is offering a range of merchandise specifically designed for women who love to hike. From comfortable and durable clothing to practical accessories, The North Face has everything you need to make your next hike a success.


Designer, The One Club Young Ones