The Vibrating Truth 💦

Print, Digital Campaign


The collaboration of Teenvogue x Dame Products aims to act as an educational resource for sexual wellness through a series of print, mobile, and digital integration.

  • Content Designer Concept project
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Social Media
  • Branding

The problem?

Owning vibrators and other sex toys remain taboo. However, every sex-exploration starts with a question, and every question stems from curiosity.


  1. The Vibrating Truth

    The goal of The Vibrating Truth campaign de-stigmatizes women’s pleasure by empowering women to have and use their sex toys unapologetically. It's time we put the spot on our g-spot.


  1. Social Media Integration

    Our sexfluencers reveal the Teen Vogue x Dame collaboration by unboxing their favorite sex toy.

  2. Website Takeover

    Then, they’ll take over the Teen Vogue channels to debunk common myths, answer pleasure related questions and show off the rest of their personal toy collection.

  3. Print Ads

    We’ll take the discussion to the streets with a series of posters. It will call for photos of your sex toys’ hiding location.

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