The Women's Hike ⛰

Integrated Campaign


On International Women’s Day weekend, The North Face will team up with The Women’s March to create The Women’s Hike, a national event designed to combat climate change.

  • Designer Sarika Persaud
  • UX Angela Diep, Lauren Steigerwald
  • Art Director Ashley Aviles, Hira Ali
  • Visual Design
  • Social Media


  1. Ms. Rushmore AR Feature

    The founding fathers will change to Thunberg, Earhart, Maathai, and Sacagawea. Mt. Rushmore will transform into Miss Rushmore.

  2. Out of Home Promotional Banner

    Interactive digital displays and banners will be placed in different environments to promote the event.

  3. Influential Women Hiking Plaques

    The North Face will also share stories of inspirational women by stationing plaques along the hiking trails.

  4. #TheWomensHike Social Media

    Social media environmental ambassadors will promote the event across a variety of platforms.

  5. The Women's Hike Microsite

    Users can find out how to register for a hike, purchase merchandise and share the news on Twitter or Facebook.

  6. The Women's Hike Merchandise

    The North Face will gear up women with merchandise for the hike.